Small Door Veterinary is a disruptive, membership-based business in New York City that specializes in premium veterinarian care. They are backed by the founders of Warby Parker and OneMedical with a goal to reimagine the veterinary experience via a membership model that delivers exceptional care and tech-enabled convenience. In early 2020, the business was seeing slower than expected new membership growth and unacceptably high rates of customer churn. Fluid was tasked with overhauling their entire marketing strategy, including customer insights, creative messaging and digital acquisition to drive more foot traffic into the business.
Our team prioritized the following changes to strategy:

Market Insights Study: Our strategy team conducted a five-borough, 30+ question survey of pet owners to understand their jobs to be done, barriers to solving those jobs and other psychographic and demographic factors. We also spent multiple days in dog parks across Manhattan talking to pet owners in order to test our assumptions. That led to critical insights about the value propositions that actually mattered to our target customers.
New Digital CampaignsWe rebuilt digital campaigns from the ground up, with a focus on running more dynamic ad campaigns, with thousands of ad variants leveraging machine learning, and expanding the number of platforms Small Door placed media with to reach new customers (e.g., Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Yelp). We also reimagined their approach to budget management. Instead of setting specific channel budgets each month, we set an overall monthly budget and moved capital across channels in real time to chase performance. 
Improved Performance Metrics: The previous marketing team had focused their efforts on near term performance metrics, including reducing 28-day customer acquisition costs (CAC) and increasing immediate returns on ad spend (ROAS). We completely overhauled performance reporting by instituting a 
90-day rolling CAC, to focus everyone on long-run trends, not week over week changes, and built a retention analysis that allowed us to prioritize customers who stayed with us for the long haul—instead of just maximizing sign-ups of lower quality customers.
Highly Iterative Creative: Finally, we instituted weekly creative updates that allowed us to generate more topical ad content (e.g., ‘National Pet Day’) and experiment with a variety of different long-run value propositions to see which messaging worked the best. Every month we report on which creative concepts are driving the highest quality traffic, and seek to leverage those insights to create more of that type of content. We are currently pushing through 4x the creative content that they were prior to us taking over - allowing us to get smarter, faster on what works. 

Impact: Small Door’s average monthly new members is up significantly following our changes. Monthly recurring revenue is up 218% in less than a year and, most importantly, six month average customer retention has jumped over 20%. Those results led to a successful Series A financing from a number of large institutional investors and we are working with Small Door’s executive team to build out an expansion plan into Boston, DC and Chicago.
Small Door’s average customer retention by month acquired has increased significantly due in large part to Fluid novel approach to optimization. 
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