CircusTrix is the global leader in the active entertainment industry. With over 300 trampoline parks in 20 countries and 45 million guests annually, CircusTrix is the largest developer, operator and franchisor of active entertainment parks worldwide.

Historically, the majority of CircusTrix sales happened in-store, which created significant operational challenges from long lines to unpredictable customer demand. In order to reduce those costs and drive greater online sales, the CircusTrix executive team hired Fluid with a mandate to drive $1.5M in online sales on Black Friday - a huge target for a business with a limited online profile.

Over three months, the Fluid team built the UX flow and developed a brand new website designed for seamless online transactions. The site launched in early fall ahead of the critical fourth quarter purchasing season.  
For 60 days prior to the Black Friday campaign launch, Fluid’s data science team ran thousands of multivariate experiments - testing everything from offer pricing to audience targets. Our analysis uncovered a number of novel, data-driven insights:

› Customer Analysis: Our experiments revealed that in addition to existing mom and dad audience targets, the ‘grandma’ audience was unexpectedly among our best holiday online purchasers. 
› Data-Driven Correlations: We also discovered novel associations that helped us target the mostly likely purchasers. For instance, our analysis of Google purchase data revealed that the most predictive indicator for trampoline pass purchases was the type of hotels the customer had recently searched. 
› Price Testing: After testing dozens of pricing conventions (% discount, $ discount, $ total etc.), our team found that, given the nature of the offer, price discounts denominated in dollars drove the highest number of purchases. 
› Creative Selection: One of the biggest challenges with Black Friday is standing out during the most crowded advertising week of the year. Our creative team tested multiple concepts, eventually landing on a black and blue flashing light design that stood out and drove significantly higher engagement.
This campaign significantly outperformed expectations by quadrupling historical return on ad spend leading to $1.93M in online sales and a sustained 83% increase in organic traffic. Online sales are now a significant part of CircusTrix revenue mix and performance continues to improve in the months since a record-setting Black Friday.
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